Furnished apartments and rooms close to the main commercial hubs of Verona: Quadrante Europa Interport, Fruit and Vegetable Market, Verona Trade Fair Centre, Airport

Our apartments create an ideal base for those who need to stay for work or tourism, since they are easily accessible for those arriving from the motorway or the ring road, by train or by plane.

• Verona Airport: 6 km away
• Brennero A22 motorway: 8.5 km away
• Milan - Venice A4 motorway: 7 km away
• Ring road to Valpolicella, Lake Garda, Verona, Soave and Verona Est: 1 km away
• Verona trade fair centre: 18 km away
• Quadrante Europa interport: 12 km away
• Fruit and Vegetable market: 12 km away
• Hyperbaric centre: 2 km away
• Villafranca industrial area: 2 km away
• Verona industrial area: 16 km away